Our Story



Fresh Sets is an online underwear business, making underwear shopping simple for busy women everywhere.  We remove the hassle and fuss of day-to-day essential shopping by providing an online alternative, delivered straight to your door.

Made from modal fabric, Fresh Sets are the comfiest basics underwear you will ever wear, guaranteed. Soft, breathable, moisture wicking and light on the skin, Fresh Sets mean that you don’t have to compromise on quality and comfort for the sake of convenience.

Fresh Sets is run by a mum who understands how time poor parents and busy people really are, and how we always put the needs of others before our own - even when it comes to buying our basics underwear.  So we offer you the ability to subscribe. You choose your style of underwear, colour, size and how many you want, tell us how frequently you want them . . . and then you never have to think about it again.  We take over from there, making sure Fresh Sets are delivered to your door, on time, hassle free and no fuss.

Not sure a subscription is for you?  That’s ok! You can also make standard purchases so that you never have to miss out on absolute comfort, with all of the benefits of online delivery.

So if you want to tick that one thing off your list that’s just for you, head to our online shop now at the top of this page and join the comfortable. You won’t be disappointed.